Danielle Vaughan, (b.1969)

Is a UK based visual artist.

She has a social practice that creates platforms for collaboration, to share experiences visually and verbally alongside her in observations of living. In her work we see an artist who selects slices of humanity and sifts them through a playful lens of medicinal humour with an invitation to join in. 

Her work has featured on Sky TV's 'Portrait Artist of The Year' series and is in permanent collections at Blenheim Palace and Leicester Museum & Art Gallery. (Images can be viewed on the publicity tab)

She was shortlisted for the Market Harborough Museum's Suffragette Art Fund 2019 and is currently studying for her Masters Fine Art at De Montfort University. She works from her home studio in Leicester, is co-founder of The Woman’s Art Collective as well as co-curator of exhibitions with Leicester Society of Artists.



"Get in touch for a cup of tea,

with a slice of absurdity!"


Einstein is quoted as saying, "If at first the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it".

Absurdity is the recurring and alluring element that informs my practice. Through selection of the everyday repetitive life experiences that present themselves inbetween chaos and befuddlement and by adding playfulness to this mixture, situations can be viewed from an extra angle.

In this manner we can express, share, create and discover the social strand within us that cannot be contained, only inferiorly substantiated.

My job as an artist seeks to make connections with people.

Each project repeats this quest from a different perspective. The need to achieve this connection began soon after birth, like most babies, with an overwhelming thrust to be heard.

For the longest time I thought “Surely if I just shout louder someone will hear me?”.

When this approach failed, I started creating. And the quest was reborn.

Creating in whatever medium suits the current concept, I have publicly stitched my emotions onto rainbow jumpers, constructed a mobile Nativity Scene visiting a variety of cultural landmarks in pursuit of images for an Advent Calendar and invited the passing public to photo bomb my (not so pop-up) interactive paintings. Most importantly, I have fun.