"One fast moving response to the Covid-19 crisis has been Danielle Vaughan's Pandemic Pullover Project 2020. This is a collaborative work for which the artist has passed woollen jumpers around her community, inviting them to stitch messages into the wool. The resulting expressions of hope and despair, often in contradiction with each other, are the threads which run through these wearable canvases, offering human warmth, even in the midst of a Winter lockdown."

- Mark Sheerin, Art Writer.

In March 2020 Covid-19 struck resulting in our first experience of 'lockdown', social activities and gatherings stopped with the exception of one walk a day. I invited my neighbours to express how they felt and record these unprecedented times, in stitch, on colourful jumpers, rotating to friends of friends extending the social inclusion. I used my daily walk to collect and deliver jumpers and recorded the doorstep conversations of each participant.

Below is a link to Tom hanging out the jumpers with extracts of the doorstep chats placed over the top of the video.

Tom hanging out the jumpers with doorstep chats.

Messages stitched into the orange tunic by four of the participants.