A set of 25 photograghic images created for the Christmas 2021 Advent season.

Taking the basic elements recognised from the Nativity story of the manger, donkey, Mary and three gifts to specific streets in Leicester. I retold the familiar story of journeying refugees and homelessness as a backdrop to exhibit the Pandemic Pullovers. In addition I set up the full scenery in my back garden and invited my community to join the scene as extras, adding a slant to the conventional and a comment on aspects of society.

The back story-

At this time in my home an extension to our tiny kitchen was being erected, very slowly! It was December already and bitterly cold. With just the breeze block shell standing I was reminded of a visit to Israel just a few years previously, the dust, flat roofed buildings and basic lifestyle together with the Christmas season I set up a full size Nativity scene in the bare space. Enlisting friends I quickly had the loan of shop dummies for the characters, and painted scenery and props from my local church and my jumpers to exhibit. Next I invited my community to be 'extras'.

All was well until the sliding doors arrived on time meaning there really was no room at the Inn. We had to the streets of Leicester-we were homeless!

Word got round and I was invited to share the story of my Peoples Pandemic Nativity event on Radio Leicester. I was able to share the story of the jumpers and the community project as well as where they can be seen on social media sites for others to get involved.

Lastly I made a request for a place to exhibit the jumpers in the Summer of 2021 when hopefully the project will have ended and the pandemic is under control.

Watch this space.

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