QR CODE: Links to a video of where the 'cushions' have visited and the

public response. Song sang by Esther with lyrics composed by

the public.

As ‘Freedom Day’ * drew close research showed people were choosing to self isolate given the choice. Recognising confidence levels needed a boost I created life-sized human shaped fabric ‘cushions’ to be placed on benches for people to practise their rusty conversation skills face-to-face (or in this case face-to-fabric).

These 12 life-size human cushions created from patchwork squares symbolise our uniqueness, each patch represents our history, genes, interests, and the variety of individual lives we each lead. The bodies act as mediators that unite us together giving opportunity to voice our diverse opinions negotiating how we feel about socialising again. They are left out in the open for passers-by to respond to the

three questions they pose:

1. What lessons will we take forward?

2. Have our values changed?

3. If crisis brings positive outcomes, what have we identified?

By attaching our responses we contribute and unite together to record this unprecedented episode which will pass and we can look back on in history.

*19th July 2021 named by the British public as they anticipated the Government relaxation from Lockdown laws on mixing in public.